Is floor covering a good DIY project? : Tips from Flooring Pros

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Is floor covering a good DIY project?

by MIKE POWLEY on 04/06/14

In the past two weeks I have had to do repairs for two do it yourself projects.   When dealing with expensive products I feel it is worth the expense to leave the work to the professionals.  Most flooring requires specialized tools to make the project complete.  The end results will suffer greatly if the correct tools are not used.  Can you afford to replace the product if the results you get are less than perfect, or are you willing to live with shabby results for years when you don’t have the proper tools to do the job?  Sometimes a professional can come in and repair your work, but when the products are damaged the results will not be as good as it was if you had let the professional do it to begin with.  Sure the big box store will tell you it’s a good DIY project.  They make more money off you when you come back in and buy more product to replace what you could not install correctly.  I could probably go buy paint and paint my own car or buy shingles and roof my own house, but the end results could be bad.

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