Grades of Hardwood : Tips from Flooring Pros

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Grades of Hardwood

by MIKE POWLEY on 02/19/15

Buying flooring is like anything else from poor quality to the best (priced accordingly).   Realize that when you are buying hardwood there are different grades of flooring.  Hardwoods with different manufacturers have different grades.  When you are getting a price that sounds to good to be true it just may be.  Check with your sales associate to determine the grade of hardwood you are purchasing.  A lot of times when you buy something that is marked B grade or value flooring, that’s exactly what it is.  Many of the boards are defective (including imperfections on the face of the wood).  When you are buying expensive flooring materials and half of the box is damaged it may not be such a good deal.  No one wants a tore up floor right out of the box.  Realizing everyone is on a budget and price counts, quality will matter to. 

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