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Be an educated consumer

by MIKE POWLEY on 05/12/13

Sad but true most people have no idea of the sizes of the rooms to be covered. A quick check yourself prior to having a professional estimate, could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Having a general idea of the size and footage of the area to be covered, can also give you reassurance of the trust worthiness of the estimate you receive. Step 1 of measuring your job is determing the furthest points, such as inside door openings, and behind appliances. Start in the biggest area first. Measure wall to wall. Step 2 Then go to the opposite direction and measure wall to wall, keeping in mind behind appliances, and inside door openings. Step 3 For closets or hallways in conjunction with these areas, stop and measure wall to wall both directions. To get the square footage of the room you multiply the length times the width. With multiple areas you add these measurements together for a total square foot. This way complicated areas can be measured easily. Adding five percent to the total square footage, for waste or material defects is the standard for the industry. Avoid being mislead by being knowledgable.

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1. Brian said on 1/15/14 - 11:24AM
Absolutely agree! The big box stores are not charities and will inflate any number they can to increase profits!

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